Our initial relocation consultation is the best way to start planning your relocation project.
Our senior consultant and visa application expert will carefully evaluate your budget and professional profile to suggest the best relocation pathway and strategy for your specific situation. We will also look at the immigration laws of your primary country of interest to know if your chances of success are high or if there are alternative countries whose immigration laws may better suit your situation.

Here are some of the benefits you will get after the consultation: You will:

1. Know if you are eligible to submit an immigration application and which immigration program(s) you are qualified to apply to.

2. Have a clear strategy that will allow you to make decisions and engage in the process with ease.

3. Be informed of the eventual difficulties you might find on your Canadian immigration journey.

4. Should you not be eligible for the proposed country you prefer, we may propose a strategy for improving your portfolio to apply in the future or suggest alternative routes


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