How we work at DINSPIRA TRAVELS.

We facilitate the process of gaining genuine admissions into foreign universities for those who choose to further their education and Study Overseas.

A lot of people desire to get a foreign education, but don’t end up achieving this; either because they are not aware of how to go about it or because they don’t know how to access an affordable school


Our job is to help prospective clients realize their dream of having a quality education abroad at an affordable price and with less hassle.


How we work

We understand that each client is different and have unique needs. So we first assess client’s needs and counsel you on the best options for you based on the information you have given us about yourself.

We also recommend the best programs universities/colleges and country that align with your unique needs.

Here are some of the criteria we use to advise you and match you:


Our counselor is a trained education agent that have completed the IECF Courses for Education Agents for Canada, China, and other countries.


Thus we have a full understanding of all the top study destinations in the world, the study options available for each of these destinations; including examples of flexibility within the higher education system between programs and institutions.


We also have information about how to apply to study, as well as costs, scholarships, and tips about how to best prepare for living and studying in Canada.

With this knowledge, we are able to counsel each client on the best options available for him/her



We love what we do. Our team comprises of counselors who are Competent, efficient and dedicated to making sure your dream to study abroad comes through.


Your budget:

One of our first assessments is on budget. This is a capital-intensive venture and we often make this known to clients from the get-go.


This will help us to effectively match our students to reputable schools that suit their budget and dream.


We also make a conscious effort to tailor our fees and charges to suit your needs, while still offering you an A-class service.

We believe that this way, parents/sponsors will receive good value for their money when they send their wards off to study abroad.



We follow up with each student closely and individually to ensure they get all the needed documents for applying for admission and visa. We also provide assistance where the client is facing challenges in getting them fast.

We guide them through every step, from the admission to the visa processing to travel arrangements, and arriving & finally settling down legally abroad.


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