Do I use a consultant or should I apply for myself? What are the Pros and Cons of each option? I often get these questions from potential clients after a free consultation on how to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry;  


In order to answer the question, I need to share the pros and cons of each option.


Let’s start you looking at the Application process.


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The Express Entry Application Process


  1. The initial stage in this process is the IELTS (International English language test score) and ECA (educational credential assessment) completion.

    Catch here is that both need to be completed simultaneously else you may be wasting your time. 

    You can search good coaching centres near to you and start preparing for IELTS or prepare on your ownIELTS involves 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and. You have to score high in all sections individually. 

  2. To get your ECA, visit CIC (citizenship & immigration Canada) website and look for documents required for ECA and the bodies that their ECA report are accepted in Canada. Collect all documents and send it to Canadian authorities for further evaluation. 

    Both IELTS and ECA are usually completed within 4 months. 

  3. The next stage will be application submission. Once both of the above processes are completed, you should submit your EOI (expression of interest) to CIC. Make sure you don’t make any mistake at the time of EOI. Do little more research on all steps and process accordingly to increase your chances of being drawn from the pool.


  4. Next stage will be the post-invitation process. Now you just have to wait for the ITA (Invitation to apply) to come. 
  5. Next stage will be to apply for your Permanent Residence Visa. At this stage, you get to submit all your documents.

Pros of applying on your own:


Ultimately you will save some substantial amount of money (immigration consultancy fee/ IELTS coaching) in the overall process.



Cons of applying on your own:



You may not be aware of the target score as per your profile and how to get it. This will make you take the exam again and again, I have seen peolpe that have written the exam over 4 times. If you keep practising on your own, you may just come to know about the mistakes but not the solution. (Thus you keep losing money)

Feedback is always needed hence I would recommend you to go for 1–1 session with an IELTS coach.



There are different authorities and you may not know which authority can give you best result in one go. I have seen rejections of ECA of people who apply on their own.



A mistake in application submission can make you not to meet up with time and you may have to do lots of research before initiating this stage of the application process.

Post ITA:

People get a rejection in sections like settlement funds and PCC (police clearance certificate). Immigration experts help is required sometimes in the process that you may not be aware of.

Now we have seen the pros and cons of applying by yourself, what are the pros and cons of using an immigration consultant/expert?



Why you need to take the help of an Immigration consultant/expert:


Consultants are experts in the process but you have to look for immigration consultant/experts that are honest, care about your specific needs, and advice you accordingly. Because the immigration industry is not that safe.


The consultant will help you in IELTS preparation. There are few consultants in the market who has the best IELTS training model with 1–1 session.


It is difficult for working professionals to go for classroom training because IELTS is not tough but tricky.


A consultant can help you choose the exact authority for ECA evaluation. Moreover, the main benefit of using a consultant is that you just need to follow the instructions and you are sure to save time and money.


Pros of applying with help of a consultant:

  • You can get relaxed and follow the instructions with ease.

  • Immigration experts knows the tricks to help you improve your CRS scores.
  • You can transfer more than half of your responsibilities to your immigration consultant.

Cons of applying with help of a consultant:

  • Cost is involved which most applicants don’t want to invest


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