Why Schengen Travel Insurance is compulsory for your Schengen trip

While gathering documents for your Schengen visa application in Nigeria, you discover something. You must submit a Schengen travel insurance certificate to the Schengen embassy. You make arrangements for a travel insurance certificate and, hopefully, you get one. But how much do you know about Schengen Travel Insurance?

It is a popular knowledge that Schengen Travel Insurance is a must for Schengen visa in Nigeria. You must present an original copy of the certificate for verification. This insurance policy has to cater for the costs that accrue from accidents or emergencies when travelling. It cushions the effects of travel mishaps.

Apart from these basic nuggets of information, there is more to Schengen Travel Insurance for Schengen visa. Unfortunately, you may be ignorant about these vital details, which may ruin your chances of getting your Schengen visa approved; which is why you need to read this post to avoid making mistakes.

It is compulsory for you to get a Schengen travel insurance cover when applying for a visa to any of the following 26 Schengen countries.

In the first instance, it’s compulsory for you to get a Schengen travel insurance cover when applying for a visa to any of the following 26 Schengen countries (add link to a post about Schengen countries):


You cannot travel to a Schengen state if you don’t have a medical insurance cover. Now, this does not refer to your personal, local health insurance. As most will not be applicable to your journey overseas. It is a special type recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Schengen member states.
Therefore, Schengen embassies will deny your Schengen visa if you use a substandard insurance cover. Moreover, you enjoy all that the insurance policy has to offer, including free medical treatment while abroad.


A standard Schengen Travel Insurance must cover some basic things.

You need to also realize that a standard Schengen travel insurance policy must cover fees for illnesses, medical care, likely repatriation, accidents and more. The embassy-standard insurance policy is designed to protect you – the traveller when visiting Schengen. And it must be applicable to any of the 26 states in the Schengen region.


While some international countries (such as Turkey) are not particular about the cover limit of your insurance policy. The European Union law does not acknowledge anything less than 30,000 Euro (don’t be discouraged, as you would soon realize that Schengen travel insurance is not that expensive)


This is why you must be careful when getting your Schengen travel insurance in Nigeria. Your Schengen visa application would be refused at the Visa Application Centre once your insurance is less than the requirement


Your Schengen Travel Insurance Must Cover the Entire Duration of your Stay in the Schengen region,

The Schengen travel insurance must be valid through the entire period of your visit to the Schengen region. If you intend to visit for 14 days, your insurance policy must at least last up to 14 days. And it is even better if your cover lasts beyond your travel period. This encourages the visa officer to grant more days for a visa.

It’s advisable to always get a policy that extends at least a few days beyond your proposed return date to Nigeria. If you cannot, get a policy that expires on your proposed departure date.


Benefits of Schengen Travel Insurance

  1. Increases your chances of getting visa approval: The first importance of Schengen travel insurance to you – a Schengen visa applicant, is that it qualifies you for Schengen visa. Other benefits of the travel insurance policy are discussed below:
  2. Compensation for delayed or lost checked-in Baggage
  3. Emergency dental care.
  4. Emergency medical expenses & hospitalization abroad: Putting your Schengen travel insurance in place will give you the opportunity to receive standard medical treatment when you fall sick abroad, without drilling a hole in your pockets.All costs (or a substantial part of the cost) for medical treatment in the case of an injury sustained in an accident will be covered by your Schengen travel insurance as well. In most cases, these costs run into a huge amount of money.
  5. Free Emergency Medical Repatriation:
    Schengen travel insurance policy takes care of the cost of transporting you to the nearest medical centre when you fall sick or become injured. This policy could also help cover the cost of transporting you back to Nigeria, while you are recuperating from your illness.
  1. Covers Cost of Trip Interruption:
    It is common for travellers to suspend their vacation and return home earlier than they have planned. While there are several reasons why they do so, changes in travel plans usually attract additional fees for flight day-change and other necessities. Whenever you find the need to shorten your travel period, your Schengen travel insurance may absorb additional costs that come with emergency trip interruption.


  1. Covers Cost of Returning Mortal Remains

No one prays to die, especially not while on vacation, but death is one of the characteristics of a living thing, which man is. In an instance where a traveller falls ill and dies, Schengen travel insurance could cover the cost of returning the remains to Nigeria.

Regularly, the cost of returning a corpse back to its family at home is expensive. And a good policy in place could lessen the monetary effects of this on the family members of the deceased.


Approved Travel Insurance Agencies for Schengen Travel Insurance in Nigeria

So now we have talked about why you need the Insurance and it’s benefits, where can you get this policy?

Specific travel insurance companies have been approved for issuing travel health insurance for Schengen visa application.
Listed below are some of the approved insurance company you can get your Schengen Insurance package from for a successful Schengen visa application:

AIICO Insurance

Allianz Nigeria

AXA Mansard Plc

Cornerstone Insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc

Leadway Assuarance Company Limited

Linkage Insurance Plc

Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc

Unitrust Assurance Company Limited

United Healthcare Travel Health Insurance

Zenith General Insurance


Frequently Asked Questions about Schengen Travel Insurance

Are you ready to get your Schengen travel insurance but still bothered about some issues? Here are answers to some of the queries that you may have:

  1. Is it expensive to get?
  2. No. It’s not. The Schengen travel insurance cover is not expensive to get.
    It all depends on your length of stay in a Schengen state, and your age
  3. How much is the Travel Insurance?

A:       The insurance premium (price) for applicants aged zero to 69 years starts from 2,750 Naira for 1 – 7 days; for 1 – 14 days It goes for 4,450 Naira, and for 1 – 30 days It goes for 7,667 Naira ( for individual applicant)

And starts from 5,750 Naira for 1 – 7 days; for 1 – 14 days It goes for 9,035 Naira, and for 1 – 30 days It goes for 15,579 Naira (for family)

Yes, it is that cheap. Kindly visit contact us to know the price of the travel health insurance of your choice and for your status.

Q:      What are the Requirements for a Schengen Travel Insurance?

A:      All you need for Schengen travel insurance is a valid international passport document. You must have also planned for your trip because information about your period of travel is needed for the insurance.


Q:      What is the Validity of a Schengen Travel Insurance Certificate?

A:      Your insurance certificate will only last you for the duration of your travel. You need a new one for a fresh trip.


Q:      How Quick Can I Get One?

A:      Within 24 hours. Once, order and pay for your Schengen travel insurance, we will send your insurance certificate to your email within 24 hours. You do not have to pay extra fees and you can get your insurance with ease; and in the comfort of your home or office.


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