If you’re are aspiring to get an international education, here are a few reasons why you should consider studying in Canada.


1. Canada is one of the most popular destinations to study and attend college.
2. High Education Standard recognized Internationally.


Canada is known for having very high educational standards and quality controls, and this leads to students graduating with qualifications that are valued around the world.


3. Multicultural Society


Canada prides itself as a welcoming nation that is diverse and inclusive. There are different ethnic groups throughout Canada, and thousands of international students add to this cultural diversity every year.


This means that those choosing to study in Canada will feel included, content and at home over a short period of time.


4. A chance to Learn French.


Since Canada is bilingual (with English and French being the national languages), it provides even more opportunities than other countries to learn French.


The country is famous for having exceptional language training programs, and this benefits newcomers greatly. Coming to Canada to study is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills in English, French, or both.


5. A possibility of Staying in Canada


For me this the greatest reason why you should consider studying in Canada, for those that want to start a new life in Canada.


It might interest you to know that, international students in Canada have the option of living and working in the country for a period of time, after graduating.


Post-graduate work permits can only be issued for the length of your study program, and for a maximum of three years.


This is a great way to gain valuable work experience in Canada, which can then be used as experience when applying for the Canadian Experience Class program (which allows holders to stay permanently in Canada). For more information on visas and staying in Canada, see our ‘Immigrating to Canada Page


6. High Quality of Life


Canada is famous the world over for having one of the highest standards of living in the world. It consistently tops in quality of life polls, due to factors such as low crime, excellent health care, and high life expectancy.


I believe that these six points have convinced you on why you should consider studying in Canada

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