A lot of people feel that it is not really necessary to invest in Immigration Consultant when they can do everything by themselves online. They often ask me, why is it necessary to invest in an immigration consultant?

The small investment in obtaining professional assistance with the immigration application process makes sense for the following reasons:

  • To assess your case at the initial stage of the immigration process to determine whether you are eligible to immigrate to Canada under one or more of Canada’s immigrant programs so that you do not commence the application process prematurely or needlessly,

  • To inform you in advance of the kind of criteria an immigration officer is looking for when evaluating your chances of success.
  • To provide you with information on how you may become eligible for Permanent Residence in Canada in the event that you do not qualify at the present time under any of Canada’s immigrant categories.
  • To prepare your application (including the required application forms and supporting documents to initiate the procedure) in the best and most efficient way and according to the way the authorities require so as to ensure smooth processing.
  • To devise the best strategy and select the most appropriate Canadian Embassy/High Commission with which to file your application for Permanent Residence in Canada given your location and particular needs.
  • To highlight all of your strengths and address any weaknesses in the presentation of your application to the authorities.

  • To ensure that your application receives the fairest treatment possible.
  • To advise you on all matters related to your immigration interests so that you will have peace of mind before and after you arrive in Canada.

What are further benefits of engaging the services of an immigration consultant who exclusively understands Canadian immigration law? Check out this post.

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